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2018 Sunon Global Designer Journey, Embrace the World with “Co-Design”
Events May 11 2018

The development of technology and changes in working mode have brought new challenges to the design world. In this era of co-working, the design of office furniture requires more international vision and cross-border cooperation.

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On 9th May, 2018, the fourth Sunon Global Designer Journey was held as scheduled. Nearly 100 designers from 29 countries including France, Italy, America, and Canada were gathered in Hangzhou to attend the grand meeting.

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This year's Designer Journey was themed as “Co-Design”, aiming to create a platform for global architects and interior designers to share their ideas about the trend of future office work.

This year's Designer Journey was themed as “Co-Design”, aiming to create a platform for global architects and interior designers to share their ideas about the trend of future office work.

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Top designers from world-class design studios, elites that have served Global Fortune 500, and Sunon team that represents the most advanced design force were gathered here to discuss and share their ideas about borderless design, and turned this event into a design feast.

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The Italian designer Francesco Favaretto demonstrated how to make office space more relaxed, greener and healthier from 3P (place, people and product).

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Through analysis, Francesco pointed out that to make office space more relaxed and greener, we need to make the space wider and brighter, so that people inside could communicate with each other freely and better developed towards their objects.

Also, he mentioned that office furniture design played a significant role office working, for that office furniture could effect the working enthusiasm. We need to pay attention to various need of public space and private space when designing office furniture.

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About the design of future office, the Spanish designer Andrés Baldoví Navarro said that biophilic design is a revolutionary design trend that focuses on the human connection between nature and the built environment.

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He believed that by introducing elements of nature into the workplace, staff productivity, creativity and morale would be all increased. In the future, biophilic office design tends to create more connection between people and nature by endowing the office with more plants and sunlight, keeping the office in appropriate temperatures and humidity, and choosing green office furniture.

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Besides top designers, the vice president of China Industry News, Mr. Wen Shunfang also delivered a speech about Sunon’ National-level Industrial Design Center.

He stated that Sunon’s revenue, R&D input and the amount of patent are all far ahead of other companies in this industry, and its competitive edge in innovative design is obvious. That’s why the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology granted Sunon with the the title of National-level Industrial Design Center, which is the first and only one in office furniture industry.

Through his speech, President Wen presented the design strength of Chinese office furniture industry and Sunon’s innovative design to the world.

At last, designers from both home and abroad shared cases they have done for Global Fortune 500 companies. Creativity and imagination for better office environment was inspired by the communication between designers with different cultural background.

Besides the Designer Salon, many other activities have been arranged for those international designers to feel the charm of Chinese culture and to know better about Sunon.

The Fourth Sunon Global Designer Journey has come to a successful conclusion. This journey offers designers a platform to share their ideas about design trend, and spreads Chinese culture to the world. Let us meet next year!


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